What Islands Are Near Beaufort, SC?

South Carolina has 12 spectacular islands to explore. Each area has a unique vibe. Living in Beaufort gives families dozens of fun activities for exploring and learning new things.

Callawassie Island

 Located about 17 miles to the south and west of Beaufort sits Callawassie Island. There is only one road that goes to the island from the mainland. Boaters can access the area with no problems. 102 prehistoric sites have been uncovered on the island making it an easy decision for the National Register of Historic Places. 

Port Royal Island 

This island is home to the Houses Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. The Naval Hospital Beaufort is on the island as well. It is the most inhabited island in the community. It gets its’ name from Port Royal Sound. 

Lady’s Island 

This area has parts that sit inside the corporation limits for the city. Four public schools operate on the island, and there are two bridges that access the land. The Beaufort County Airport sits on the island too. Several miles of unincorporated land make this area splendid for hiking and exploring the native wildlife. 

Harbor Island 

This resort island is 14 miles east of the city. It is designated an Important Bird Area in the Beaufort Barrier Islands register. Any local realtor Beaufort SC can tell visitors this island has a short history with only 800 acres of improved land where a gated community and resort sit. This island has a bridge that connects it to Hunting Island. A swinging drawbridge connects Harbor and Saint Helena Islands for hikers.

Morgan Island 

This island borders Parrot Creek, Saint Helena Sound, Morgan River, and Coosaw River. It is an uninhabited island. The untouched land is home to 3,500 Indian monkeys. 

Hunting Island 

Hunting Island has over 5,000 acres for people to enjoy. This barrier island has a semi-tropical climate and toots its horn for being the most visited state park in South Carolina. The undeveloped land, lighthouse, and beach are three big reasons why this island is so popular.

Fripp Island 

This barrier island is situated about 20 miles from the city. The Fripp Resorts are a major part of the island with the same owners building the resort on Harbor Island. The Fripp family has a three-tier club membership program that gives members access to private tennis, golf, swimming, shopping, and dining. Beaufort SC realty members have inhabited the island since the 1980s with less than 1,000 full-time residents that live in the gated community. 

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

Pinckney Island has over 4,000 acres. There are 115 historic and prehistoric sites on the land. The area offers excellent wildlife viewing including herons, wading birds, raptors, and white-tailed deer. Bald eagles, storks, American alligators, and salamanders are common as well.

Hilton Head Island 

With 12 miles of premium beachfront, this stunning community is famous for vacationers from all over the globe. The population can triple during peak season because of how famous the area is for boating, outdoor sports, and fresh seafood. Sea Pines Resort is the home of the Heritage Golf Classic, a popular PGA event. Art, wine, and festivals are prevalent on this barrier island. 

Saint Helena Island 

Saint Helena Island is just five miles from Beaufort SC real estate. This island is known for being a traditional shrimping town with a long history and culture buried in slavery and a rise to freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote his famous speech at Penn Center in Saint Helena. Many of the original settlers still have family that runs businesses like shrimp boats in the area. 

Daufuskie Island

This 5,000-acre island is surrounded by three water sources. Calibogue Sound is one waterway connected to the island. The Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean also border the small community. The historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places being part of the Civil War. The rich culture, Gullah houses, and an eclectic mix of art draw in visitors. 

Marine Corp Recruit Depot Parris Island 

This military base is about five miles away from Beaufort. Many people come to the island to see where the show JAG was filmed. This community was in Hollywood Movies and the setting of a famous song by Billy Joel. 

South Carolina has diverse marshlands and natural habitats to explore. Each of the islands above has a unique characteristic that draws in visitors each year. Your family can go on outings, explore the great outdoors, take a wildlife tour, dine on fresh fish, or see places that are part of the rich history of our country. 

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