Great Golfing on Fripp Island, SC

It can be difficult to move to a new area when a lot of your favorite hobbies exist in the place of your current residence. Golfing, for example, can be especially hard to break away from. Whether it’s because you live close to the course or you’ve spent a lot of time understanding each and every hole that the course offers, traveling to a different course may make you feel uncomfortable. However, if you love golf and are looking at Fripp Island real estate, you’ll see that many of your worries can be put to rest. There is plenty of golfing to be had in Fripp Island. In fact, the area boasts quite a few different resorts and courses so you can try your hand at quite a few of them as you find your new home. This article will go over some of the golf courses you can find in Fripp Island as well as the surrounding areas. 

Ocean Point

One of the premier golf courses on Fripp Island is known as Ocean Point. In fact, it is the original golf course on the island and one of the best courses in the whole of South Carolina. The course opened in 1964 by designer George Cobb and has received a 4-star rating by Golf Digest. You can expect the usual 18-holes and 72 par on the course. However, many of the holes feature some of the most stunning views that can ever be had on a golf course. They rest right along the edge of the picturesque Atlantic Ocean and island inlet. 

There are quite a few holes for beginners, so if you’ve never tried the game before but have an interest in the sport, Ocean Point is an excellent place to start. In fact, even seasoned players can have a grand time at the course. The designer, in a league of his own, was aware of how the ocean breezes would play a factor in many games. As such, he designed the course to allow players to run the ball onto the greens for many of the holes. Mr. Cobb ensured that there was a healthy balance of the natural environment and the player’s skill. 

Besides just the course itself, there are also two clubhouses, a catering service, tournament management, and even instructional programs for those who want to take their swing to the next level. Ocean Point has a lot to offer each of its players. There are also many Fripp Island homes for sale near the course.

Ocean Creek

Another gem in Fripp Island is Ocean Creek. Located near Fripp Island realty, this incredible course was designed by PGA Champion Davis Love III and Paul Cowley and was opened up in 1995. The location was perfect for their plan to blend in with natural beauty and add a few challenging courses. As such, players can expect to encounter saltwater marshes, jungle vegetation, lagoons of fresh water, and four dunes that have become quite distinctive. In fact, this course is so lush and beautiful that it often plays host to wildlife. You may want to bring along a camera if you enjoy watching wildlife because it isn’t rare to find deer, herons, or even osprey enjoying the course, too. 

This area is so beautiful that even film producers have utilized it. Movies like Forrest Gump and the Jungle Book were shot on this location in certain areas. Golf Digest ranked this course among its top 10 best courses in America. It has also received a 4.5 star ranking from the Digest. The course itself has wide fairways and large greens as well as a few holes built specifically to challenge players. So, whether you want to relax on the course and enjoy some local wildlife or put your skills to the test, Ocean Creek has something to offer for everyone. 

It also hosts two clubhouses, management opportunities for tournaments, instructional programs, and catering services. You should also note that Ocean Creek is a private course, so you do need to become a member in order to golf on the course. This is an excellent feature to have for those who are serious about golfing as it means you can experience less convoluted tee-times and a more relaxed experience without feeling rushed. 

Fripp Island has some of the best golf courses that South Carolina can offer. Whether by yourself, with friends, or with your family, you’re sure to have fun. Visit the island today and see for yourself when Fripp Island has to offer.

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